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Febreze Reviews

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  • Fabreeze cans don't spray

    The last three cans of Fabreeze we have purchased have only been 1/2 partially used due to the spray mechanism that wears out before the can is finished. I also do not feel Fabreeze "cleans the air" as well as when it first came out. Has the firmuka changed? Used to LOVE Fabreeze and told everyone to get it! Now, I gear people away from it and encourage them to try other options. More...
    r0sann3e's Picture   r0sann3e    3 Comments   Comments
  • Febreze aerosol cans

    I have purchased the fabric febreze in a spray bottle and I love it, so recently I decided to try the aerosol cans and every bottle so far has stopped working. I thought the first two cans may have been a fluke so I purchased two more cans they too stopped working, so I'm left with four cans of which three of them are almost full. I love the fabric febreze but after wasting my money I doubt I will purchase anymore febreze products. More...
    Neen5kids's Picture   Neen5kids    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stripped my dash paint

    I had bought the Febreze Refresh Car Air freshener, the one you attach the clip to the vent. I went to remove the air freshener to see that the paint from the dash been removed!! It stripped off the black layer! Unbelievable! We buy this to make our car smell nice. My car is newer and now I have to pay to have this fixed. I am a real estate agent, and to drive around clients with my dash messed up is unacceptable. I will not be buying your products again!! More...
    kmhunter007's Picture   kmhunter007    0 Comments   Comments
  • Faulty Fabreeze Cans

    I have noticed that you went from the cans to the plastic bottles now with the fabreeze effects(Walmart) . First off the spray mechicism fails after a while and there is still a lot of stuff left in bottle. The scent is not as strong as it once was and the consumer is still paying the same price, I just bought 3 of the double pack of the one with downey not realizing that it was the plastic bottle to begin with......You need to go back to the can and fix the spray nozzle....thank you. More...
  • Febreze causes severe reactions for people wit MCS

    I am a person diagnosed with MCS. This means I have allergic reactions to strong chemicals & items containing fragrances, especially chemically made. You can't see Fabreze sprays once they are sprayed & even the plug ins you can see, if removed or a Febreze room is aired out, , it can take months of scrubbing w vinegar & baking soda to remove! Even from brief exposures to these products I'm left with swollen eyes, painful sinusitis & breathing problems. It may take hours to days for a full recovery. Take 10 min. In my shoes, if you could feel how miserable your... More...
    pleasehelpme's Picture   pleasehelpme    2 Comments   Comments
  • Febreeze hasn't removed the smell

    My husband asked me to pick up shrimp from his job so I can make some for dinner that day. I put the shrimp in a plastic bag and wrapped it in alot of paper towels so it doesn't spill. I got home and removed the shrimp from my car and proceed with my day. The next day my car smelled like a dead fish, it was disgusting. I have always been a febreze user prior to this incident, so i decided to use it to help the smell. It has been over a month and my car still smells like fish. I have used more than 3 whole cans of febreze that include the car and home ones, and the clip on ones on high.... More...
    ysalvarez's Picture   ysalvarez    0 Comments   Comments
  • 2x faulty Air Fresheners?

    Hi I have just tried two of our back-up Air fresheners, (blossom & breeze)both of which have NO Pressure?? ie trigger produces a few bubbles. As they were both full, I was loathed to throw away 600ml. As there was NO pressure, it was deemed safe to puncture the can and transfer the contents to a manual pump bottle. This worked fine, and there was No danger of explosion, as there was NO propellant. I can't find any receipts? but I did a photograph the two 'Modified' cans, showing the puncture holes in each, with the new spray bottle in shot. But seeing as... More...
  • Exploding Fabreze candle

    I bought a Febreze Soy candle and after having it burning for 1 1/2 hours, it explodes leaving shattered glass all over my living room ruining my coffee table, carpet and walls. I had to pick up a piece of glass that fell beside my cat laying on the floor. I buy candles often and never has this happened. I'm very angry because now I have to get my carpet clean and repair my carpeting. I want reimbursement in some way. I do not have the product and I live in Windsor Ontario More...
    Janice081769's Picture   Janice081769    0 Comments   Comments
  • spray air fresher

    I am writing to complain about a product of yours. I recently brought a spray air fresher from my local wilcos store. As I went to return it I later found I had discarded my receipt. And was informed to contact you as it is down to your company that this item has been shipped out from your company as "fit to sell" and have been sold as a faulty product. I would expect a reply as it is soon as possible as im am very disappointed with the product. More...
  • Hard Time Finding Seaonal Scent

    I love pumkins. Ever since you can out with the "Pumpkin Harvest" and got as a gift. I buy this every year and I buy for gifts and myself about 10 cans or more to last several months and have some for next season until available to buy more. This is the first year I cold not get at Walmart or anywhere just about.Yo had mixed scents but NOT the PUMPKIN HARVEST that always seems to sell out. I was extremely upset.I actually found some at Dollar General store, go figure. I bought 6 cans went back and all gone. You need to keep this regular seasonal scent or I will for go buying... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    lovescent's Picture   lovescent    0 Comments   Comments
  • Angela, her obese sister, and her cat

    It is a sad state that Febreeze casts two very obese women to do a commercial that millions see everyday. Is that the way Americans are portrayed now, is this the new norm? What kind of example are you setting for young children, that it is okay to be 200 pounds overweight, increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other diseases attributed to extreme obesity? Obesity should not be glorified, it is not only embarrassing for America, but it is also extremely unhealthy. More...
    obesityisbad's Picture   obesityisbad    6 Comments   Comments
  • Febreeze issue

    I expected if I pay more,I get a better product,not in this case! I've bought Febreeze spray for a long time and always satisfied. So I got the roim freshner thinking the same. See,I have health issues and cant get out much. So I have to do things right the first time. I dont drive and on a very small income. So when it stopped working I was stuck! Cost too much to take it back if Im well enough. Coupons dont help. So buyers beware of this possibility. Thanks! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    procgam5's Picture   procgam5    0 Comments   Comments
  • car air freshener. Damaged my car.

    I recently purchased a car air freshener, the type that fixes on to your dash grill. I attached it as instructed on the packaging, i have since had to remove it as it leaked and it has blisted and removed the paint work on my dash. I am very annoyed as i cannot ignore it and have to get that fixed, as i have a employer lease on my car as i work as a district nurse for my local area. This is going to cost me alot of money all for a £4 air freshener. I want compensating for this as it was a fault with your product through no fault of myself. I am be contacted on email address... More...
    martine99's Picture   martine99    2 Comments   Comments
  • Air Freshener

    This is now my 5th can of air freshener that stops straying with half the contents still inside! Considering the cost of these air fresheners, im very annoyed at the waste! With these new style spray tops, it cannot even be removed and replaced with another top Im really not happy about it at all and will not be buying them again! More...
    kittykat18's Picture   kittykat18    0 Comments   Comments
  • It Doesn't Get Rid of the Odor

    We leased our home while we lived out of state. The tenants had three dogs, which meant we had awful pet odor when we moved back in. We had the carpets cleaned twice, using an enzyme to destroy the odor. I also used Fabreze repeatedly throughout the house. Still, when we walk in, it smells like dog. It makes me furious to see the ads Fabreze does where they put people next to garbage and they people claim it smells great. It just doesn't work that well. The odor doesn't go away. I really wanted to leave this review on their website, but there was no place to do it. More...
    neelylaquita's Picture   neelylaquita    1 Comments   Comments
  • Candle issues

    I have been a loyal customer for quite a few years now. We buy your sprays, plug ins and Tide w Febreeze along with the candles. Lately the quality of the candles has been less than par. The wicks are crooked and the candle does not burn correctly, wasting some of the product. Also for the first time the wick of the candle pulled out. I tried reinserting it but it did not work. I now have half of a candle that cannot be used. I seem to wasting a lot of money lately. Is there anything that you can do to defray my lost usage? I hate to switch to Glade but I've not had the same... More...
    hefffmatt92's Picture   hefffmatt92    1 Comments   Comments

Febreze Reviews By Product

Febreze Comments

theeditor says: (5 years ago)
I am writing to thank you and your engineers for ruining the dashboard on my classic Ford Thunderbird with your defective car air freshener. When I noticed it leaking a few days ago, I threw it out of my car window, but not before it ate the black paint off my dashboard and might have ruined my newly purchased radio/CD player. It will cost me $250 for a custom dashboard kit to cover up your mess!

Grneyes312 says: (6 years ago)
I had the FreBreeze clip on car air fresner and it leaked and melted my dashboard. I am so pissed I will never buy another frebreeze product. My car is nice and ur trash made it look ugly and old. You need to take this off the market and fix ur consumers vehicles.

georgia30 says: (6 years ago)
I have bought Febreze air fresheners for many years both for at home and for work. The last 6 sprays I have bought have stopped working when I have only used half of the aerosol. I now feel that I will have to try looking for other products but would prefer the problem to be solved

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